ECE 476 Spring 2004
Daniel Chituc and Aaron Zahrowski

Project Cost

Our project was allotted a $40.00 budget. Due to our frugal use of the discretionary $20, and liberal use of free bulk parts available from the lab, we came in well under budget. The purchases we made are accounted for below.

Atmel AVR Mega32 MCU  
Miniboards (2)              
Position Potentiometers (2)
Knob Potentiometers (2)
Pushbuttons (2)   

LM340T-5.0 voltage regulator
LEDs (2)                       
12V DC power header            
16 MHz oscillator         
Various disc-ceramic capacitors 
Various resistors
RCA female header
9V Battery to DC converter

Total Cost           

$1.60 ($0.80 x 2)
$4.32 ($2.16 x 2)  Part No P12338-ND
$1.98 ($0.99 x 2)  Part No P3C3503-ND
$1.86 ($0.93 x 2)  Part No 401-1011-ND