ECE 476 Spring 2004
Daniel Chituc and Aaron Zahrowski

Our final project is a portable, dedicated PONG2 video game unit for use with a home television. 


PONG, a video game that simulates a game of Ping-Pong between two players, has a long and pervasive history, and is said to be the first video game ever created. For our final project, we decided to pursue PONG with a twist. We designed and constructed a dual player mode, two-dimensional PONG unit. This unit sends a black and white NTSC video signal to a television and includes two separate control units for each player. The unit itself features simple ball movement sounds during game play. The control pads include a linear position slider and a knob to control y- and x-axis movements of the PONG paddle, as well as an LED scoring and winning indicator. The game boasts both a two-player mode and a score-adaptive AI single-player mode, each with increasing levels of difficulty as the game progresses.


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