Super Breakout


Get ready for the next generation of the classic game Breakout which features a standalone device, interactive user control, and new and improved game modes including two player cooperative and competitive modes.


Breakout is a game of speed, skill, and anticipation.  The player will move a simulated paddle in an attempt to prevent a ball from falling below the screen.  The main goal of the player is to “break” all the bricks at the top of the screen by deflecting the ball off of the bricks.  Once the ball hits a brick, the brick will disappear and when all the bricks have been broken, the player will advance to the next level.

This new Breakout version will allow for two players.  These two players can go head to head in a competitive mode or work together in a cooperative mode.  The players can now have a more interactive playing experience by using accelerometers to control the movement of the paddles.

This project encompasses various skills and pieces of technology we have learned in ECE 476.  These include an NTSC B/W television interface, A/D conversion, and efficient microcontroller programming.  The purpose of designing this game is to provide fun entertainment for people of all ages.  We believe that our innovative hands-on user interface will be beneficial to the public by enhancing hand-eye coordination among all players.