Startup and Game Options

The game initially begins in a startup screen shown below.  At this screen, player 1 has the ability to choose between 1 and 2 players.  If 2 players is chosen, the players have the option between three modes of play: competitive mode, cooperative mode, and knockout mode.


One Player Mode

The main goal of the player in this mode is to complete the levels without running out of lives.  This is done by hitting all the "breakable" bricks in the level with the ball (see brick types page).  The ball will bounce off any surface (brick, boundary, or paddle) except for the boundary right under the paddle.  If the ball hits this bottom boundary it will become deactivated.  If all the balls on the screen are deactivated, then the player will lose a life.  The player will start with 9 lives in single player mode.

Two Player Mode

Cooperative Mode

The main goal of two player cooperative is very similar to single player.  Both players will wok together to clear the levels of all bricks and collect as many points as possible while staying alive.  Game play is identical to single player mode in terms of power ups, bricks, levels, and movement.  In an effort to clarify player position, player 2's paddle will be slightly above that of player 1. 

Competitive Mode

The main goal of competitive mode is to stay alive.  The two players will have their paddles on opposite sides of the screen (player 1 on bottom and player 2 on top).  There will be a row of random bricks in the middle to act as an obstacle between you and your opponent.  Each player will start with 3 lives.  The players will lose a life if a ball passes their paddle and touches the corresponding boundary behind their paddle.  Once a player loses all their lives, the game is over and the opposing player has won.  In the event that all the bricks are cleared and both players still have lives, the level will start over with a new set of random obstacles in between the players.  There will be no special bricks or power ups in competitive mode.

Knockout Mode

The main goal of knockout mode is to protect a row of bricks behind your paddle while attempting to break all the bricks of your opponent.  Each player will start out with a set of 15 bricks behind their paddle.  There will be 2 balls on the screen that will be moving around and breaking bricks.  To protect your bricks, you must deflect your opponent's attempts at breaking your bricks.  In knockout mode, there are no lives.  The only objective is to protect your bricks and destroy all of your opponent's bricks.  Once a player has lost all of their bricks, the opposing player will win and the game is over.  There will be no special bricks or power ups in knockout mode. 

Paddle Movement

In all modes of play, the player(s) uses the accelerometer to control the movement of the paddle to prevent the ball from falling to the bottom boundary.  The paddle will move to the left if the accelerometer is tilted to the left and similarly for movement to the right.  The paddle's speed will be determined by the amount of tilt the user applies.  The direction in which the ball bounces off the paddle is determined by the point of contact between the ball and paddle.  This gives the player control over the movement of the ball and allow the player to "steer" the ball in the desired direction.