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2.1 GUI and Animation Demos

The following demos illustrate particular features of the Graphical User Interface. (These demos can best be viewed in full screen mode from the Windows Media Player):

  • Using the 'Edit->Advanced' Menu option:
    demonstrates the user modifying the f_ang1, which correlates with the joint connecting the forelegs to the body.
  • Spline Interpolation:
    demonstrates usage of the plot in the south panel. Notice that the spider's movement changes when the user applies the modifications. Initially, the leg movement is slow and steady. However, after the change is applied, the leg bounces up and down.
The following demos illustrate animation within the 'Spider' window and can best be viewed in normal mode from the Windows Media Player.

2.2 Screen Shots

The following picture displays a full screen dump when the spider_gui.exe application is executed. Here, we see that there are two windows of primary interest. The first window is labelled 'Spider'. This contains the rendering of the spider at all times. The second window, titled 'Spider GUI', controls all graphical user interface functionality:

2.3 Spiders, spiders and more spiders ...

Additional images of spiders are included here to show the types of modifications that can be made to the morphology (Notice the differences in size, shape and color):