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A user interface is provided both at the level of the 'Spider GUI' window and the 'Spider' rendering window (for details on the two windows, refer to the Screen Shot given in the results section). Descriptions of the commands and mouse clicks which control each of these areas can be found in the following sections:


Version 2 of the Spider simulation program contains all the functionality of version 1, as well as some additional functionality discussed in the extended features section of this report.
Download Source Code - version 2 (05-2003)
Download Application - version 2 (05-2003)
Download Source Code - version 1
Download Application - version 1

The software prerequisites for running the application are that you have Windows 98 or above installed on your system. This is because the OpenGL libraries were not shipped with Microsoft Windows until a later release of Windows 95. The main executable is named 'spider_gui.exe'. To start the application simply click on this executable and the application should begin.

Included in the application download are the following data files:

  • bin/FigureMenuBar.fig
  • bin/FigureToolBar.fig
  • spider.txt
  • duplex.txt
  • uetzi.txt
  • stridulans.txt
  • crassipes.txt
  • motionfile.mat
These files are needed for full functionality of the spider GUI components. The next list contains all libraries that are needed in order to run the spider.exe application standalone (they are also included in the application download). Most of these libraries were found packaged with Matlab 6p1 in the following directory: $MATLAB6p1_path\bin\win32 (with a few exceptions: cellnum.dll can be found under $MATLAB6p1_path\toolbox\matlab\datatypes, glut32.dll can be downloaded from, cmex.dll is part of this application and is a MEX-file.)
  • atlas_Athlon.dll
  • atlas_PII.dll
  • atlas_PIII.dll
  • atlas_PPro.dll
  • cellfun.dll
  • cmex.dll
  • compiler.dll
  • dfont.dll
  • glren.dll
  • glren_sgl.dll
  • glut32.dll
  • gui.dll
  • gui_sgl.dll
  • hardcopy.dll
  • hardcopy_sgl.dll
  • hg_sgl.dll
  • lapack.dll
  • libeng.dll
  • libmat.dll
  • libmatlib.dll
  • libmatlbmx.dll
  • libmex.dll
  • libmmfile.dll
  • libmwarpack.dll
  • libmwbuiltins.dll
  • libmscl.dll
  • libmswfftw.dll
  • libmwgcl.dll
  • libmwlapack.dll
  • libmwservices.dll
  • libmwsglm.dll
  • libmx.dll
  • libsimcore300.dll
  • libsimcore600.dll
  • libut.dll
  • m_ir.dll
  • m_parser.dll
  • m_pcodegen.dll
  • m_pcodeio.dll
  • MATLABAddin.dll
  • mpath.dll
  • msvcirt.dll
  • mt7s110.dll
  • mwoles05.dll
  • numerics.dll
  • ode.dll
  • sgl.dll
  • udd.dll
  • udd_mi.dll
  • udd_mi_sgl.dll
  • uiw.dll
  • uiw_sgl.dll
  • vccom.dll
  • win32com.dll