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Source Code

Source Code

GUI Design and Use

The GUI was written in Java using the Java Comm library (for serial communication), the Java Media Framework, and standard Java.  There are three main buttons to be concerned with.  The first is the capture video button.  This button initializes the connection with the camera and will start processing the data.  The start serial button will initialize the serial communication between the PC and the microcontroller and move the camera to the center of the board.  Lastly, the Track Ball button is a toggle button.  The initial press will make the camera now follow the ball, and a subsequent press will turn following off.  When initializing the camera, some error messages will print out to the console, but these can be ignored.  It is a result of the GUI trying to paint an image that hasn’t been received yet.  Otherwise, the application is pretty robust.  Details on what you are viewing are includedin the images section.

Download the java GUI source code here.

Microntroller Source Code
Details on how the microcontroller operates included in the Design section.