ECE 4760: Final Project

Sound Navigation

Sound Localization Assisted GPS Navigation

Abdurrahman Husnein (

Sophia Yan (

Vance Hancock (

"GPS Navigation based on sound localization."

Project Sound Bite

Sound Navigation is a GPS navigation system that utilizes the ear’s inherent ability of sound localization to guide a user to their destination. It does this by using the user’s current GPS coordinates, the destination’s GPS coordinates, and the user’s head orientation to produce sound through two-channel stereo headphones that can be perceived as coming from the direction of the destination. The device represents a step towards a walking-friendly hands free navigation solution that allows a user’s attention to remain on their surroundings. Sound localization is also more intuitive so that the user can spend less time and attention to process the instructions. The navigation system also does not have language barrier problems.


Sound Navigation