ECE 4760: Final Project

Speech Recognition Eye Test

Take your vision test at home!

Joel Llewelyn

Margot Haas

Yuchen Liu


"An eye test that you can administer yourself."

For our final project we implemented a speech recognition eye test that is capable of performing the entire Snellen eye test on its own. It starts by displaying large letters and waits on the user to guess which letter has been displayed. The user speaks his/her guess into the microphone. The speech recognition portion uses energy thresholding to make sure background noise does not interfere with the user's guess. The system will then determine the next step based on whether the user guessed the displayed letter correctly or not. If the user guesses enough correctly, the text size will continue getting smaller until the user either reaches the minimum text size (corresponding to 20/20) or starts guessing enough incorrectly. If the user guesses too many letters incorrectly, the system will display the result corresponding to the current text size (e.g. 20/30). The thresholds for amount guessed and amount guessed correctly are set in the code. Our eye test uses a dictionary containing the letters "A", "E", "I", "R", and "L" with the same 6 possible text sizes for each of these letters.


Overall System


Final Project Demonstration on YouTube