ECE 4760 Fall 2021 Final Project

Welcome to AroundSound! This product, conceived as a capstone project for the course ECE 4760: Digital Systems Design with Microcontrollers, is an assistive device that aids visually impaired users to navigate their environment. AroundSound captures the distances of obstacles in the vicinity of the user and converts them into 3 dimensional audio with notes of differing pitch - the closer the obstacle, the higher the frequency of the note. Through 3D audio, a user can estimate the position of the obstacle in an angular range around themselves up to a distance of 2 meters.

This website details the high-level product design and motivations, in-depth system implementation details, results from our development, and perceived future scope for our prototype. The appendix houses our references and code base - by releasing this information, we hope that any interested party will be able to recognize the impact of our device and replicate our design to serve a worthwhile cause.