EE 476 Final Project - Anwar Kashem, Wei-Feng Li

Cornell University, Spring 2001

High Level Design
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If we did in fact have more time, we have some really neat ideas for the plotter. First of all, we would find a way to get a level surface to rest the paper on, as our current plywood base is rough and slightly warped. Secondly we would devise a more robust pen holding mechanism, such that the pen could make good contact with the paper. Other hardware ideas include the ability to do color printing by adding more pens.

With those small hardware issues out of the way, the possible applications for the plotter are nearly limitless. As I stated earlier, the plotter could be used to draw Bezier curves, and in fact, could be used as an output device for the 3D modeler that is written by students taking the Computer Graphics Course.

Another interesting application for this plotter would be an implementation of the children's learning language LOGO. The plotter could easily implement PenUP, home, PenDown, and Forward commands. A trigonometric table would be required to implement the Right/Left , commands.