EE 476 Final Project - Anwar Kashem, Wei-Feng Li

Cornell University, Spring 2001

High Level Design
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Even though our design was mechanically imprecise, (in that the rods were hand hacked, the rubber bands were cobbled together, etc.) we had a fairly robust design. We we able to draw diagonal lines that we not noticeably dicretized, and had a good rate of repeatability. We were able to draw basic polygons, and characters when our wire pen holder did not fail us. We will shortly post the output of our plotter, as soon as we can replace our broken pen holder.

Even though we were unable to accomplish some of our earlier goals, such as drawing Bezier curves (using a recursive deCasteljau algorithm) we know that the foundation is in place to do this in the future. That is, the system is capable of drawing Bezier curves, and it is just a matter of taking the time to write the software to implement it.

Overall, we have left this project with a sense of accomplishment and happiness (perhaps more because it is over than anything else =). There were many obstacles, and moments filled with utter despair as yet another drive mechanism failed to work, but somehow we have something that works.