The results of the design can be seen by visiting each game page for an example of the screen output.

301 Cricket Grading Game Drinking Game

The dartboard executes screen updates the second a dart hit is detected. The code is generated fast enough to poll for a dart hit while generating video.

The accuracy of the dart hit is 98% Multiple times 100 darts were thrown at the board, and 98 would return the expected value for the dart hit. The other 2 times would display a 0 for being unable to read the region.

The safety of the design is relative to the user. The hardware is low power and does not present a danger. However, throwing darts at a board has the potential to injure an individual. In this case the thrower is responsible for his dart throw.

Since the dartboard is low power and does not transmit a signal it does not interfere with other designs. It does not produce sounds, however the sound of the dart hitting the board can annoy people.

The results of all the hard work is an electronic dartboard with video display. A Mega 32 microcontroller was able to detect a dart hit, generate video, and control the flow of 4 dart games for up to 4 players. The final design is very useable. The video cord can be plugged into any TV with a video jack. The board can be hung on a wall without fear of damage to the circuitry. The push buttons allow the user easy access to chose a game, and player numbers. It even allows players to compensate for a dart miss, bounce out, or to quit the game by going back to the main menu. The code does not crash, or get stuck in any area. There are zero screen artifacts to annoy the user.

The dart game scoring and screen update is done almost the instant the dart hits the board in the user's eye. There is zero flicker during a dart hit, or screen updates with scoring. The user has complete control over choosing the game and number of players. He also has control changing between players and bouncing out the last dart throw.

The pictures below show the final design before the wall mounting components were added.


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