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Heidi Ng

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Cost Breakdown

We used free stuff whenever possible, since we were constantly pushing the limits of our budget.  For example, we couldn't afford to use the nicer solder boards that were available at a cost of $5 for two of them.

Item Manufacturer Part # Quantity Unit $ Total $
Relays Omron G3MB-202P-DC5 4 $4.33 $17.33
Microcontrollers Atmel ATMega16L-8PI 2 $4.00 $8.00
RF Transmitter Radiotronix RCT-433-AS 1 $4.00 $4.00
RF Receiver Radiotronix RCR-433-RP 1 $5.00 $5.00
Voltage Regulator Nat'l Semiconductor LM340T-5.0 2 $0.50 $1.00
Op-Amp Nat'l Semiconductor LMC7111BIN 1 $0.50 $0.50

Total: $36, battery not included

Other parts we didn't cost because they were "scrounged" by various means (Dan's basement, Prof. Land's bottomless drawers of stuff, analog or digital lab):

(2) Perforated circuit boards
(1) 4-outlet power strip with circuit breaker
(2) 8MHz crystals
(14) LEDs of varying colors
(16) capacitors of varying capacitance
(20) resistors of varying resistance
(2) set of 4 momentary on pushbuttons
(4) 1N4001 power diodes
(2) 40-pin ZIF sockets
(1) 9V battery clip
(1) 9V power supply
(1) power connector
(1) 74HCT30 8-input NAND gate
cut up pin headers and sockets
wire of various gauges

Unfortunately, our sampled ATMega32L-8PI chips didn't arrive in time.  The Analog Devices voltage regulators didn't arrive in time for the demo, but we did put them on afterwards, since the circuit is better that way, and Dan plans on using it.

Tasks by each group member

  •  Daniel - see progress log
    •  be in the lab whenever it's open
    •  component selection and circuit design
    •  board layout and soldering
    •  coding and debugging
    •  website design and documentation
  •  Heidi
    •  soldered some parts onto circuit boards
    •  programming initial transmitter and receiver code
    •  documentation and testing

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 ECE 476 Final Project
Spring 2004 Daniel Warren and Heidi Ng
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