Semiconductor Optoelectronics Group




Research theme

The Semiconductor Optoelectronics Group carries out research related to semiconductor optoelectronic devices, ultrafast optics, semiconductor terahertz optoelectronics, terahertz integrated devices, and physics of semiconductor nanostructures.

See the publications section for recent work.

Research activities typically involve:

  • Engineering the properties of electron energy levels and wavefunctions in semiconductor nanostructures, such as quantum wells and quantum dots

  • Tailoring the properties of photons in optical waveguides and cavities

  • Studying the linear, nonlinear and quantum mechanical dynamics of short optical pulses in semiconductor materials and devices

  • Terahertz microphotonic components

  • Studying the optical and terahertz properties of semiconductor nanostructures

  • Fabricating novel micro- and nano-scale structures

  • Measurements involving electrical, optical, and terahertz techniques

  • Modeling, numerical simulations, and theory

Some recent and ongoing projects include:

  • Terahertz integrated optoelectronic devices

  • Ultrafast optical and ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy of nanostructured materials

  • Optical linear and non-linear properties of graphene and 2D materials

  • Physics of graphene based electronic and terahertz devices

  • Experimental condensed matter physics

  • Semiconductor plasmon lasers

  • Terahertz spintronics




Amplified ultrafast fiber laser


Ultrafast THz chip testing setup


Graphene lattice


Semiconductor modelocked laser


Paul using the terahertz setup


SEM of a semiconductor laser