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ECE 5310: Quantum Optics for Photonics and Optoelectronics

Review of quantum mechanics, density operators in quantum electronics, Bloch Sphere, quantization of electromagnetic radiation in cavity and free space. Properties of radiation fields, number states, coherent states, quadrature and amplitude squeezed states. Number-phase uncertainty relation, coherence and coherence functions, vacuum fluctuations. Matter-photon interactions, stimulated and spontaneous emission processes, micro cavity effects in spontaneous emission, Rabi oscillations. Phase sensitive and phase insensitive optical amplifiers, parametric amplifiers, fundamental noise limits of optical amplifiers. Photon statistics and characteristic functions. Laser oscillators, number and phase characteristics of laser light, parametric oscillators. Classical and quantum descriptions of photon detection, direct detection, coherent homodyne and heterodyne detection, noise penalty in simultaneous detection of two non-commuting field quadratures. Bit error rates in optical communication systems. Information carrying capacity of photons. Photonic devices for quantum information processing, cryptography, and computation.

ECE 5330: Semiconductor Optoelectronics

ECE 5330 is a comprehensive graduate level course on semiconductor optoelectronics. Topics covered include fundamentals of optical interband transitions in semiconductors, semiconductor bandstructure, spontaneous and stimulated emission of photons in semiconductors, non-radiative transitions, semiconductor materials for optoelectronics, semiconductor heterostructures, optical absorption and gain, photodetectors, integrated optical waveguides, semiconductor optical amplifiers, light emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers, laser dynamics, quantum well, and quantum dot lasers, semiconductor band-structure engineering with strained epitaxial layers, integrated DFB and DBR structures, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, widely tunable photonics, electro-absorption light modulators, all-optical switches, intersubband optical transitions, quantum cascade lasers, semiconductor optical devices in optical communication systems.

ECE 3030: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

ECE 3030 is a comprehensive undergraduate course on electromagnetic fields and waves. Topics covered include Maxwell’s equations, electrostatics and magnetostatics, fields of charge distributions, fields near conductors, method of images, material polarization and dielectrics, fields of current distributions, electrodynamics, electromagnetic waves, polarization, wave propagation in homogenous media, anisotropic media, and plasmas. Reflection, transmission, and refraction of waves. Transmission lines, smith charts, transients in transmission lines, metallic waveguides, dielectric waveguides, radiation and antennas, antenna arrays, diffraction.

ECE 4070: Physics of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

The course covers fundamentals of solid state and semiconductor physics for device applications. Topics covered include crystal lattices; Bloch's theorem and electronic energy levels in periodic potentials; energy bands in solids; metals, insulators, and semiconductors; carrier statistics in semiconductors;  electron dynamics in energy bands; effective mass equation; carrier transport in semiconductors; classical transport and Boltzmann equation; transport equations; optical properties of metals and semiconductors; optical interband and intraband processes in semiconductors; semiconductor homojunctions and heterojunctions; nanostructures and electron states in low dimensional semiconductors; quantum transport in low dimensions; semiconductor lasers 

ECE 3150: Microelectronics

ECE 3150 is a comprehensive undergraduate level course on microelectronics. Topics covered include basic semiconductor physics, electrons and holes in semiconductors, electrical transport in semiconductors, PN junctions and diodes, MOS capacitiors, MOS field effect transistors, bipolar junction transistors, large signal and small signal models of electronic devices, single stage amplifiers, multistage amplifiers, differential amplifiers, analog circuit analysis and design, high-frequency models of devices, high-frequency circuit analysis, digital logic and MOS logic devices, complimentary MOS (or CMOS) logic gates, fundamental trade-offs in high speed analog and digital circuit design.




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