Zachary Glass, BioNB222 Final Project


1) My Results 2) Molter's Results 3) Causes of Error

My Model clearly failed to reproduce Molter's results. There were many places where error could have been introduced. My graphs seemed to have a lot of random noise; this could indicate some problem with the random-generated SPW inputs. Perhaps the parameters for the random number generator needed to be optimized. Perhaps I should not have generated a random number for every time step for every node.

I might have used incorrect equations. I have already described how I modified the equations for the CA3 layer. This modification was based on intuition, and on the theory that "the ends justify the means", not on any scientific principle. If modifying the equation was incorrect, that would cause error in my results; if the equation was in fact incorrect, then maybe other equations are also reported incorrectly, and my error is due to using the wrong equations. The function wdot33calculator.m also uses two forms of the same equation; both are modified significantly from what was proposed. Again, this is a very glaring probably cause for error.

It is also possible that my results are "more correct" than I believe, I just cannot see the pattern through all the noise. I tried to write another function to search for a pattern in the noise, but it was a very crude function and did not work well.

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Zachary Glass
BioNB222 Computational Section
Final Project
May 6, 2008