Club Light Controller
           By: Alex Cerruti and Chris Wherry
               EE476 -- Spring 2002


The protoboard that was built to house the MCU and its analog interfacing circuits.  The stepper motor attaches on the six pin connector at top right, along with the analog interfacing.  The fan plugs in using the two-pin connector just to the left of the stepper motor connector.  Finally, the lamp control plugs in at the middle-top portion of the board.  12 VAC is supplied just above the large capacitor in the lower right corner.  The temperature sensing circuitry is in the top-left hand corner, and the audio signal is processed in the bottom-left corner.  

The overall gutted light.  Note that the large blue cube in the center of the image is the relay used to turn on the light.  120 VAC is supplied to the board via the green connector.  The 120 VAC to 12 VAC transformer is just below lamp, and the stepper motor is just above the blue relay.  The muffin fan is on the right side of the unit.

A close up of the transformer, lamp, stepper motor.  Note the color wheel between the lamp and the stepper motor.