ECE 576 - Fall 2007

John Sicilia (jas328) & Austin Lu (asl45)



Software Design

Hardware Design




More Pictures

More Pictures

We were also able to draw solid polygons in color, though we often found that shading it in greyscale based on depth helped us see the image more clearly.

A rectangle of varying depth with a five-sided figure moving left and right over it. As the polygon moved back and forth, it moved in front of and behind the rectangle.

A second view of a wall as it slopes away from us. Light colors mean a lower Z-depth (closer), and darker colors mean a higher Z-depth (further away).

A view of the DE2 board with a description of what each external input and output was doing. On the leftmost two seven-segment LEDs is the number of times per second that the hardware is drawing the screen, on the next two are how many times per second the software is sending the hardware new vertices. Both are in hex. (0x0C = 12Hz).