Muhammad Bilal Shahid & Yang-Ching Cheng

IntroductionHigh Level  DesignProgram/Hardware DesignResults & ConclusionTricks & InventionsAppendix


Our project is to design a video game name BBQ stick controlled by a USB Mouse. The central idea behind this video game is to catch the delicious BBQ meat balls with the help of a BBQ stick. The more you catch the fatter you get and the more you score. The BBQ stick is controlled by the USB Mouse, which is connected to the USB port of the Altera DE2 Board. The BBQ stick moves left and right as the mouse moves. The length of the stick can be adjusted by pressing and releasing the left button of the mouse for different time intervals. User has to pick three identical meat balls in a row to score and erase the BBQ meat ball. User can get maximum of seven meat balls on the stick.  One more meat ball will make him/her loose. We chose this project because the design of this video game involved lots of resources on the DE2 board from the implementation of USB Mouse interface to the implementation of a VGA controller. The idea is to use all these resources wisely to design a game that plays smoothly. And above all, the idea of designing a video game in hardware was just fascinating.