The speed of all execution is at the VGA control clock frequency. The detection logic stores and updates pixel color representation bits for every pixel and computes the center pixel at the end of every frame display. All computation that needs to be done is done within the time gap between two frames being displayed.So the motion detection and display on VGA all happens real time at the speed of the VGA control clock.


The system is fairly accurate in terms of color detection and center calculation of the projected colored surface. There is no observed flickering on screen and the cursor position is stable. Within the lab setting the system behaved well in filtering out the noisy pixels from the background and pretty accurate in the detecting only the colored markers on finger tips but since we are detecting the color in RGB space changing light intensity might affect efficient detection and we might need to recalibrate the system with changing light settings. Also the sensor, that is the CCD camera being used lacks good detection at the edges of the screen hence accuracy is lost in boundary areas.


This project can be used by anyone. All they have to do is wear the glove designed with red and yellow tapes on it and they can start painting. The usage is very intuitive and has been described inside High Level description of the system.

Below are some of the pics that were taken through the development process of the project:

The moment of 'Ecstasy'


System with onscreen pointer to locate the location of the brush




High Level Design
Hardware Design
Testing & Debugging