ECE 5760: Final Project

RGB LED Matrix Audio Visualizer

Sam Miller (

Sahil Gupta (

Mashrur Mohiuddin (

Cornell University

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The "bars" mode of our visualizer, moving to music in real time.

We designed an audio visualizer on an 64x64 LED matrix. Our objective was to create a system that reacts to an input music source in real time. The display has multiple different animation modes that the user can choose: bars, ball, and particle. These different scenes create a pleasant listening experience for the user, as they have some sort of graphical display to accompany their music. Our product can be used in a casual music listening session, as a showpiece in a party, and many situations in between. The system uses four 32x32 LED matrices and an Altera DE2-115 FPGA. The FPGA acts as a driver for the LED grids.

This project was completed over a five-week period for the ECE 5760: Advanced Microcontroller Design class under Professor Bruce Land.