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Cornell University

Andrew Ferraiuolo

PhD Candidate

Cornell University


Andrew Ferraiuolo is a 6th year PhD candidate at the Cornell University Computer Systems Lab in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

He is advised by G. Edward Suh and works closely with Andrew C. Myers.

His research interests span computer architecture, security, programming languages, and systems. In particular, he works on developing hardware architectures and hardware description languages for information flow security. His work focuses on building high-performance systems with formal security guarantees as well as tools for proving such systems are secure.


  • Computer Architecture
  • Security
  • Programming Languages
  • Information Flow
  • Timing Channels


  • MS/PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Cornell University

  • BS in Computer Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, 2012

    University of Connecticut

  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, 2012

    University of Connecticut


Komodo: Using Verification to Disentangle Secure-Enclave Hardware from Software
SOSP 2017
Secure Information Flow Verification with Mutable Dependent Types
DAC 2017
Verification of a Practical Hardware Security Architecture Through Static Information Flow Analysis
SecDCP: Secure Dynamic Cache Partitioning for Efficient Timing Channel Protection
DAC 2016
Lattice Priority Scheduling: Low-Overhead Timing-Channel Protection for a Shared Memory Controller
HPCA 2016
Detecting Hardware Trojans using On-chip Sensors in an ASIC Design.
Journal of Electronic Testing
Low-Overhead and High Coverage Run-Time Race Detection Through Selective Meta-Data Management
HPCA 2014
Timing Channel Protection for a Shared Memory Controller
HPCA 2014
Detection of Trojans Using a Combined Ring Oscillator Network and Off-Chip Transient Power Analysis.
Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC)
Experimental Analysis of a Ring Oscillator Network for Hardware Trojan Detection in a 90nm ASIC
ICCAD 2012


  • ECE 5750: Resilient Computer Systems, TA, Cornell University, Fall 2016
  • ECE 2300: Digital Logic and Computer Organization, TA, Cornell University, Fall 2014
  • ECE 4095: Trustworthy Computing Systems, Lecturer, University of Connecticut, Spring 2012


  • 473G Rhodes Hall