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  • MMA1220D: +/- 8 g Z-axis Accelerometer (Freescale)
  • ADXRS150: Rate Gyroscope (Analog Devices)
  • ULN2003: Darling Array (ST Microelectronics)
  • LTV847: Quad Opto-coupler (Lite-On)
  • PF35T-48L: Stepper Motor (via Jameco)
  • HR846CT: SD Card (Hirose Electric Company)
  • LT1529: Voltage Regulator (Linear Technology)
  • ADC0831: 8 bit ADC (National Semiconductor)



OrCAD version can be obtained here

PDF version can be obtained here


Software Code

Our software can be obtained here

Our SD code can be obtained here (not used)


State Diagram


Division of Tasks

Prototyping: Shawn and Marc

Research and Part Acquisition: Shawn and Marc

Motor Control System: Shawn and Marc

Navigation System (Accelerometer and Gyroscopes): Marc

Data Logging Interface (EEProm, and MATLAB): Marc

Soldering : Shawn

Debugging: Shawn and Marc

Testing: Shawn and Marc

Mechanical: Shawn

Delivery System (Rocket): Shawn

Recovery System (Parachute): Shawn

Website: Shawn

Documentation: Shawn and Marc