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This was probably the most satisfying project of all this semester. We are extremely happy to see our implementation work so well. The results, especially those of the orthographic projection exceeded our expectations. We would have liked to be able to calculate the projections faster, in real time, so that the user can control the rotation (angle of orthographic projection) through switches, buttons, or a keyboard. For this however, we would have needed much higher bandwidth to SRAM which was simply not available on this board. On the whole, it was a very satisfying end to a great semester.

Intellectual Property
There are no standards applicable here, and this design does not use any patented work. The design does use a PLL module from Altera which is supplied to us as a megafunction. 

All files were created by the authors from scratch or by modifying examples provided by the ECE 5760 course staff.


We would like to thank Bruce Land for teaching this course, and making it awesome as it is, and our TA Jeff for all his help. We would also like to thank Altera for the DE2 boards.

Appendix A: Landscape Pictures


Appendix B: Verilog Code

All Project Files - Zip Archive

SOF file

Appendix C: Tasks



Fractal Landscape Algorithm

Rohan Sharma

Gaussian Convolution

Rohan Sharma, Tejas Sapre

Orthographic Projection Change

Rohan Sharma, Tejas Sapre

Color Scheme

Rohan Sharma, Tejas Sapre

SRAM Controller

Rohan Sharma, Tejas Sapre

Rotation Module

Tejas Sapre


Rohan Sharma, Tejas Sapre


[1] - Game Programmer
[2] - Midnight Beach
[3] - Siggraph

More Information

ECE 5760 is the most awesome course ever !

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