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Results and Analysis

Speed of Execution
The Fractal landscape code which constitutes the main part of our project worked very well. It is able to generate new landscapes in real time and gives good color distinction between heights. Since the Gaussian code is used only a couple of times, speed is not an issue in its execution. The rotation of the landscape contains flicker because of large amount of memory interaction during the projection and erase operations. We were restricted because of the bandwidth of the SRAM module.

We were able to achieve very good landscapes which clearly indicated the mountain ranges, the plains and the valleys. The direct output of the algorithm contained specks of noise due to the randomness that we introduce at the low level. This noise is expected at this level and was resolved by using a Gaussian blur across the entire landscape terrain. This made all the gradients very smooth. After viewing through images obtained as well as taking a look other landscape images online, our algorithm is able to give excellent representation of terrain and is able to show dips in valleys and rise in mountain peaks.


Figure 1: Random Landscape and Projected image at 45 degrees


Figure 2: Random Landscape and Projected image at 45 degrees


Figure 3: Random Landscape and Projected image at 45 degrees


Figure 4: Random Landscape and Projected image at 45 degrees

As can be seen from the above images, some black spaces can be seen in the projected image. This is expected as well because we are only performing interpolation for a specific row size. If we were to use a more compute intensive algorithm, it would have taken a longer amount of time to draw the projected image, which would have slowed down the rotation even more. Hence, these small errors are expected.

The DE2 board was always handled carefully in lab and an ESD mat was used to discharge oneself before handling the board. There were no other safety concerns in this project.

This project illustrates a mathematical concept and shows how that concept leads to a 3D view. The implementation of this project can be used by anyone who has knowledge of the switches and keys used in the project.

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ECE 5760 is the most awesome course ever !

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