ECE 5760: Final Project

Pseudo Touch Screen Game

Camera Based Finger Detection

Junyin Chen (

Ziqi Yang (

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This is a finger detection based project using a camera to detect the user finger's location relative to the vga screen and display a cursor on the screen to reach the effect of a pseudo touch screen. A chess board is displayed on the VGA screen and by touching the chessboard, the user could place a piece on the chessboard to play the game 'five in a row', by connecting any five piece in a row, the user could win the game.

The idea is to have a NTSC camera pointing right toward the screen, capture the video when and using morphological filtering to get rid of the errors, and get the location of the finger tips. If the cursor stay still at the same location for a certain period of time, a piece will be displayed on the nearest chess board intersection. All the chess position is sent to the NIOS system to decide which side had win the game.