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# ( High Level Design )
Fig HL-1: High level diagram
The robot is designed with two sensors in mind, a left and a right. So when more light is detected on the left side, the robot will move towards it by rotating the right motor forward and the left motor backwards. The robot will know to move forward when both sensors receieve about the same (by a margin we specify) amount of light.
Left sensor Right sensor Left motor Right motor Effect
0 0 No signal No signal No movement
0 1 Step forward Step backward Right turn
1 0 Step backward Step forward Left turn
1 1 Step forward Step forward Foward movement
Fig HL-2: Controls table

# ( Standards )
We are currently unaware of any relevant standards to this project. The robot is only designed to respond to visible light.

4/22/2005 - Cornell University ECE 476 Final Design Project "LightRover"
Thientu Ho
David Shu