HomeNet - A Wireless Network of Household Appliances



Home automation and central control is an exciting technology that is only now becoming economically feasible.  Previous approaches have required extensive remodeling of the home in order to automate the various appliances and devices.  The HomeNet system differs from earlier solutions because it is a truly wireless system that will work with existing devices within the home.  It is no longer necessary to replace all existing appliances or perform extensive renovations to the home.  HomeNet also provides a level of control that previous systems do not match.  By interfacing directly with a PC or mobile device, HomeNet centralized control over the entire household with ease and convenience.  

Developing the HomeNet system was a fun and rewarding Master of Engineering project.  Our prototype demonstrates the feasibility of integrating the PC with the home environment to provide control over ordinary, everyday appliances without the need to repurchase to integrate with our system.  To make this a truly commercial technology, more appliances need to be added to the HomeNet system.  We envision including thermostats, kitchen appliances, garage doors, TVs, stereos, and more into the HomeNet system to make it a true house wide system.  It is our hope that continual development of HomeNet type technologies will truly bring control of the household to your fingertips. 







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