ECE 4760: Final Project

GPS Navigator for Runners

Junyin Chen (

Haonan Liu (

"A GPS system for navigation through GPS Visualizer waypoint with audio and temperature feature."

The basic idea of this 4760 final project is to build a GPS navigator for runners who are new to their neighborhood. For example, if someone is new to Cornell University, College of Engineering, and wants to run around the engineering quad every day, this runner Navigation system have the following functions to ensure that he would not get lost or encounter some undesirable situations:

1.Navigation: Let the user choose the destination, then navigates him to the destination by telling the user to turn left or turn right at each waypoint, or even with accurate turning angle. This part is the core of the project.

2.Temperature: This part would tell the user the temperature outside and make an evaluation of suitableness for running outdoors.

3.Location: This part would tell the user the exact latitude and longitude of his current location, with the landmark nearby.

As for the user interface, we built a menu shown on the TFT screen. The user could interface with the system using two buttons: ‘next’ and ‘confirm’. The user can switch between submenus and enter them by pressing these two buttons. Moreover, a human voice would be displayed to tell the user whether he should turn left or right so that he would not have to keep an eye on the screen when running

Overall Layout      User Interface